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Victron Energy Electrical Systems

Live More is dedicated to providing the highest quality products to our community. This is why we choose to install Victron Energy products in all of our builds and offer them in store and online. Founded nearly 50 years ago in the Netherlands, Victron has a strong, unrivaled reputation for technical innovation, reliability, and build quality. Each Victron product offers a 5 year warranty and limitless technical support through their dealer network. Providing a wide range of products such as Inverters, LiFePo4 Batteries, Solar Panels, Dc-Dc Chargers, Charge Controllers, Systems Monitors and much more, they are the go to for all of your electrical needs! 

When purchasing through Live More, not only do we extend your warranty to 6 years, but you will also get priority support when needed. We also off Full Electrical System Design and Support! Click here for more info.

If you don't see the product you need below, please reach out as we may have it in stock or give us a call for any assistance in building your electrical system!

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