Rocky Landscape

Rocky Landscape

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Build Process

step 1: find the perfect van for you

Finding the perfect van isn't easy. High roof or Low roof? Promaster or E-250? This choice will all come down to personal preference. While we recommend a high roof, sometimes a low roof is the perfect choice for the average weekender. On the other hand, a high roof would be a much better fit for a full time van-lifer. No matter the model you choose, we will handcraft it just the way you've always dreamed. If you need assistance in choosing the right van, please reach out and we will be more than happy to assist you!

step 2: customizations

Once a decision is made on a van, the next step is for us to customize it for you! We offer 3 curated packages to choose from while still allowing you to add your special touch. The price of the build-outs vary, and can range anywhere from $15k- $35k+ which includes customizations such as tile choice, floor color, interior base paint color, stain options, bedding, curtains, and much more. We will set up a meeting and discuss all of the options with you and have a quote ready to go! Want a full custom van just the way you dreamt it? We can do that, too!


step 3: getting on our schedule

Now that you have your van, and customizations chosen, we can get you on our schedule! A build contract will be drafted confirming the design with breakdown of the payments. A 10% down payment will secure your spot for a build month. 50% is then due on your drop off day and the remainder due upon completion. Financing options for the buildout are available in some cases depending on amount and credit score. Please contact us to apply!

step 4: the buildout

Your van will be handcrafted just for you in the agreed upon build month. Once we get started, the van will take 5-10 weeks for completion depending on complexity and size. We will stay in touch and once a final date for pickup is determined, you’ll be off on your first adventure!

If you’re ready to move forward, please drop us a line by clicking below