Image by Jack Anstey

Image by Jack Anstey

adventure ready layouts

 designed for the Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, & Ram Promaster

our designed layouts, each uniquely different.

With over 25 years of conversion experience, our team has curated 4 custom-tailored layouts showcasing our most popular handcrafted designs. Each layout offers different features and specs, making them one-of-a-kind in their own way. With upgrade options and customizations, such as stain color, paint, custom cushions, finishes, and more, you can make any of our Adventure Ready layouts uniquely yours. Don't see a layout that fits you? Reach out to see if we have any custom build slots available!

*Kindly note: these prices are for the build, and do not include the van itself*


 Mercedes Sprinter 144"/

RAM Promaster 136"&159"/

Ford Transit 148" 

Our base model perfect for the weekend warrior. This layout offers everything you need to get on the road while keeping your budget in mind. 


Mercedes Sprinters/ RAM Promaster 159"/ Ford Transit 148" and all extended length vans

Our most popular layout- redesigned and loaded with 412ah of LiFePo4 batteries, 400 watts of solar, and all the features. Functional and Fashionable all for a great price!


Mercedes Sprinters / RAM Promaster 159"/ Ford Transit 148" and all extended length vans

Every inch of space matters! A dinette that converts into a bed, extra counter space for cooking your favorite meal, and a passenger-side galley complete this convenient, yet comfortable model!


RAM Promaster 159" EXT/ Ford Transit 148" EXT/ Mercedes Sprinter 170" or 170" EXT

Starting at $60,000

We will build this in any van of your choice! *Limited spots available*

Just like the mountain- as grand as it gets! This epic 4-person layout boasts every possible feature including a hideaway bed that fits right into the ceiling, allowing access to the dinette below. Love it, but want it for two? We can replace the extra seating with a shower, or counter space!

Our Adventure Ready layouts aren't for everyone, and that's okay! We will gladly set up a custom design consultation and help you create your campervan just the way you've dreamt it! 

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