rental and custom build faqs

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rental faq

where do i pick up my campervan?

We are located at the foothills of the Applachian Mountains just 30 minutes north of Atlanta at 200 Turner Blvd Ball Ground, Georgia 30107. The address is also included in your booking confirmation.

what are the pickup and drop off times?

We know life throws you curve balls, so we offer flexibility! We are open 9am-5pm allowing you a large window for pick up or drop off.

i am running late for my drop off! what do I do?

First- get in touch with us! We may be able to accomodate. If we are not, our policy is as follows: Campervans returned after 5pm but before 9pm are charged a $75 late fee. If it is returned after 9pm, you will be charged an extra night.

how far in advance do you recommend booking?

All trips must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. We recommend booking at least 3-5 weeks in advance. If a van/camper is available, and its a last minute trip, contact us and we will do our best to make it happen!

are one-way trips a thing?

Hopefully one day! but not at this time.

can I book for just one night?

No, we require at least 2-night minimum for Ruby and Echo and a 3-night minimum for Forest and the travel trailers. You can book it for less, but will still be charged for the minimum.

is there a maximum amount of days i can rent for?

While you can rent for as long as you like, we would suggest considering a full build after 6 months :)

how do i get a discount?

We offer 10% off when you book for over a week. If you are booking for more than a month, we offer 25% off. These discounts are automatically applied at checkout. We also offer discounts to military, veterans, healthcare workers, and teachers. Please reach out via email or call us to get the secret code!

how many miles are included? what if we go over?

We include 150 miles a day, which is cumulative for your entire trip (ex. 3 nights/4 days includes 600 miles). There is a .25/mile charge for additional miles.

oh no, i got into an accident! what now?

First- Get to a safe location and call the police. Your safety is our top priority. Make sure to call the police, exchange insurance information with the 3rd party and take photos of the damages. Once everything is settled, please call us.

can i go to canada and mexico?

You can go to Canada! but our insurance does not allow trips to Mexico.

do the vans have bluetooth/aux plug?

Yes! All of our vans have a bluetooth compatible radio or an aux plug!

do i need to sleep in a campground?

While we believe a campground or federal land makes for the best campsite, you are welcome to use your discretion to park almost anywhere. Always check for "No Camping'' or "No Overnight Parking" signs. Be respectful to your surroundings and as always, be sure to Leave No Trace.

does the van stay warm in the winter?

All of our vans are insulated but just like a home, they will get cold. We can provide an indoor-safe propane heater by request. Warm Clothing is a must!

how does the van stay cool in the summer?

All of our vans have ice cold dashboard AC. They also have a roof fan and two battery powered personal fans over the bed for more air flow! You can request a portable AC if you are renting Forest, but you must be staying at a campground with 30amp shore power to utilize it.

how old do i have to be to rent a camper van?

Typically, you have to be 25 to rent a campervan from us. if you are over 21 but under 25, please call or email us and we may have an option for you!

do you deliver?

We do not offer delivery at this time for our Camper Vans. Delivery is an option for our Travel Trailers.

how does making a reservation work?

All reservations can be instantly booked online. 50% is paid to reserve while the other 50% is drafted 14 days before take-off. We do have a security deposit. This is charged 2-days before your trip which is 100% refundable.

what is your cancellation policy?

Due to the high demand, we only offer refunds on cancellation within 72 hours of booking. If an emergency pops up and you want to change your reservation, please reach out to us and we will give give you a credit equal to your booking to use within 1 year.

how does insurance work?

We require all renters to purchase insurance when booking your trip. When booking, you will be given options for 3 tiers of insurance. Please read the details and choose the one that fits you best. If you are under 25, but over 21, please call so we can write you a custom policy.

can i bring my pup?

We do allow dogs to accompany you on your adventure! There is no pet deposit or fee. We do ask that you return the van with no pet hair. Our cleaning team charges an additional $75 cleaning fee if the van has pet hair.

what happens if i break down?

It is imperative to our business that our vans aren't at a risk of breaking down. That being said, there is always a risk with any automobile. If you break down, please contact us immediately. We will make sure you are taken care of and in a hotel if the van needs to be fixed in a shop.

can i park my vehicle at your shop?

Absolutely! We have plenty of parking spaces available.

can i rent a campervan for a music festival?

Yes, but you must disclose this with us first. The deposit is raised for this type of event and fully refundable if the campervan is returned just the way it left!

what about burning man?

Unfortunately, no. The fine sand is impossible to remove afterwards making Burning Man strictly forbidden, just like Mexico.

what appliances can the van power?

The campervans run off a solar setup. While this is a good amount of power, it is to be used for small electronics such as cameras, ipads, laptops, phones, drones ect. Appliances with a large power consumption such as coffee pots, hair dryers, air fryers, instant pots, straighteners, or electric heaters/blankets are a no go. If you have any questions about this, please call us to verify! Note: Forest and our Travel Trailers can run all of those appliances (one at a time) when plugged into a 30amp shore power outlet at campgrounds.

do I need hookups?

Campervans- No! All of the vans are solar powered. If you are interested in running large appliances in a Campervan, then you must choose Forest and select campgrounds with a 30amp connection. Travel Trailers- Yes! Unless you are planning to Boondock in which case you will need to bring a generator. Please contact us for details.

do the vans have receivers hitches?

Yes! All of our vans have 2 inch receivers. You are welcome to rent a bike rack or cargo carrier from us, or bring your own!

do the vans have showers or toilets?

No, none of our campervans have an indoor heated shower or toilet. You may request a solar shower bag if desired. Forest does have an outdoor shower head that can be used for a shower and/or rinsing off your gear!

do you have cleaning fees?

We do not charge a cleaning fee. We do ask that the van interior is returned in the same condition it left in. If you do not have the time to clean it out, no worries! Our cleaning team will happily do so for a $75 charge.

custom build faq

how does purchasing my own custom camper van work?

Please click the buy tab here or in the menu, then read the purchase process for our complete guide to purchasing a van! Then, check out our Adventure Ready Layouts to see which one fits you best. Don't see one you love? We can custom build your dream van, too! Once you are ready, contact us and we will nail out the details and get you in your own campervan asap!

what model vans do you build out?

At this time, we build 4 "Adventure Ready" layouts in the Ford Transit, RAM Promaster, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. If these layouts arent for you, don't worry! We also do complete customs in just about any type of van! Our Adventure Ready Layouts start at $34k for our 2-traveler layouts, and $65k for our 4-traveler layout! Please contact us to schedule a consultation for pricing on complete custom builds! We only have a few spots open each year for these.

how much does it cost for you to build out a van?

The price varies on the type of van and the customizations you choose. Our Adventure Ready layouts start at $34k and go up from there. If we are designing a complete custom van for you, the price will vary. Contact us for details!

how does financing work?

We offer financing through our partner, Hearth. We recommend financing the van separately through the dealer as you will typically get a lower interest rate on the van than the build. Then, see about financing the build through Hearth. Please contact us for more details or click HERE to check what rates you qualify for with no impact to your credit score!

do you have any vans built for sale now?

Check out our Vans for Sale page by clicking HERE. These vans are typically sold very quickly. We encourage you to reach out by contacting us to get on the schedule for one of our hand crafted Adventure Ready Layouts, or check back periodically.

how fast can you get me into a custom built van?

Our Adventure Ready layouts take between 4-12 weeks depending on the layout of the van. The Roamer model typically takes 4 weeks, while our 4-seater typically takes 10-12 weeks. Our complete custom vans take a little longer depending on complexity. Please note: Due to supply chain issues and other circumstances outside of our control, builds may sometimes take longer and we can not guarantee a completion date. While we strive to send you off in your van as soon as possible, quality craftsmanship is our number 1 goal!

i started my own build, but i want someone to finish it for me. can you help?

Yes! We can finish your van build for you. Price will depend on customizations and the work already completed. Please contact us for more information!

how does payment work when buying a van?

We accept wire transfers, cashiers or personal checks, and cards ( processing fees may apply). Financing is also available HERE via our partner, Hearth. We require a $5000 deposit to get you on the schedule. Once you drop off the van, 50% is then put down. The remainder is due at pickup!

do you offer a warranty on your builds?

Yes! All work performed by Live More is under an 18 month warranty. Accessories such as fans, fridges, and electrical items are subject to the manufacturers warranty and we are here to assist with that every step of the way!

is there a way to build a van that fits more than 2 people?

Yes! We do offer builds that will seat and sleep 3 or 4 people if desired. You can check out the Denali, our 4-person model, by clicking here. For information on our 3-person model, please reach out to us!

do you charge for a consultation?

Absoultely not! While some companies charge upwards of $125 an hour just to discuss a build with them, we believe this service should always be complimentary!

i want to purchase a build, but would like to rent it out when i am not using it. can you help?

We sure can! We have a Fleet Program that you may be the perfect fit for. You can find out more information HERE

i really like your adventure ready models, but want to switch around a few things. is that possible?

Sort of! Our Adventure Ready Layouts each have 2 configurations you can choose from- the Base and the Premium package with an Indoor Shower being the biggest difference. If that does not work for your desired layout, we still do complete customs. Contact us for more details!

do i bring my own van, or will you get one for me?

We partner with our local Mercedes, Ford and RAM dealerships to make it easy to purcahse your van! We will set you up with our contact to get more information. They have been briefed to know exactly what you need for your build, and will order the van for you! At times, we will have a van and layout available to pre-sale/sale. Contact us for more information!

what are your current lead times to start my build?

Lead times are always changing due to demand. Currently, we have a few spots open for 2022!