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the weekend warrior


sleeps 2 explorers

2014 Ford Econoline *Revamped*

Simple, yet satisfying. If you're looking for an affordable, one-of-a-kind, "glamping" experience then search no further! Your This Live More OG campervan got a makeover and we are re-releasing it for the summer of 2023! 

key features:

- 2 seatbelts

- 400ah solar-powered batteries

- dining area 

-convertible king size bed

- intake/outtake fan

- 2x 7 gallon fresh water tanks

- 2x 7 gallon grey water tanks

-kitchen galley

- foot pump sink 

- portable butane stove


- led lighting

- pantry area

- bench seat storage

what's included:

- comforter, pillows, sheets* 

- 1 burner propane stove for outdoor cooking

- cooler

- cutlery, pot, pan, & utensils

- plates, bowls & cups

- paper towels

- soap, sponge

- camping chairs*

- privacy curtains 

- digital guidebook for detailed how-to's. Please review before pick-up

- 150 miles/night  .30/mile after


*by request-please add at checkout

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